There’s no better time to go to a drum circle than January 3rd…. Why?

• You made a new year’s resolution to do something different.
• You made a new year’s resolution that you’ve already broken, and you want to celebrate living in the moment.
• You aren’t quite done with the holiday spirit and you want more time out and about.
• You are sick and tired of the people around your house (no offense) and you need a break.
• Your resistant to accepting the real world after having a fantastic December and you want to extend that joy to January 3rd.

Come shift all of that energy to the direction you want to go at the
Play for Possibilities Community Jam.
Jim Boneau will facilitate this chance for grounding, reflection and playing with possibilities at the start of the new year.
You’ll drum, move and share as we Play for Possibilities, and ponder 3 questions as frames for each rhythmic groove. You can use the questions to guide your rhythmic improvisation, inspire your reflection or not use the questions at all.
Designed for all levels: Newbies get guidance, experienced drummers go deeper, we all blend into good music.  Bring your “rhythmically curious” friends!
Drums and percussion provided, or bring your own.
Lots of parking and ample room for you and your friends.
First Thursday Jams are hosted by Seattle World Percussion Society (SWPS) & Lake City Journey Christian Church.