Programs for Drum Circle and Drum Class Groups

Unique Rhythm Workshops

Mix it up with your Drum Circle or Class Group!


Do you lead drum classes or host a regular drum circle? 

Would your group enjoy experiencing rhythm in new ways that

  • Build their playing skills and confidence?
  • Deepen group connection?
  • Make the music better?

As I travel "on Drumabout," I love visiting drumming groups!  As a guest facilitator, I can share new ways to relate to and play with rhythm.  I'll work with you to design a workshop that:

  1. Meets them where they are (skill & familiarity levels)
  2. Builds appreciation for rhythm, drumming, and each other
  3. Shows rhythm benefits for daily life
  4. Supports your goals as group leader

I use rhythm exercises, movement, guided imagery, time signature exploration, reflection and discussion and more. (I'll collaborate with you to choose specifics.)  And of course, there will be plenty of deep, juicy grooves!

Two kinds of groups

Drum circles and drum classes are obviously different situations, with particular expectations and ways of operating.  So I adapt my approach to each.

Longer workshops — together

We can also put together a longer workshop, if you'd like, where you lead part and I lead part over a half- or full-day.  I'm sure our material plays well together!

For Drum Circle Groups

Drum Circle Consciousness: What Makes the Grooves Great

When the group goes to "That Place" musically, you know you're in Drum Circle Heaven.  This workshop looks at what helps (and hinders) that to happen, musically and relationally, individually and collectively.

By surfacing and expressing what participants already know, your group will build sensitivity, awareness, and an even stronger sense of community.

Musically speaking, they'll gain a firmer sense of rhythmic structure to create groovier grooves, and more confident solos and fills.

For Bass Drum Lovers

Beyond the Pulse: Melody & Magic on the Bass Drum

In a drum circle or ensemble, the low-pitched bass drum creates the backbone of the rhythm — the sonic pattern that other players orient to.   Learn the secrets of juicy, melodic bass lines that are fun to play, and add depth and interest to the music.  Though the techniques are pretty simple, it takes a special orientation and sensibility to bring out the full potential of playing the bass!

Read more about my "philosophy of the Bass."

For Drum Classes & Performing Groups

Structure & Freedom: Rhythm from the Inside Out

In drumming and in life, a good sense of rhythmic structure tells you where you are in space and time.  This gives a strong platform to try new things, and helps you "fall back in" when you're out of sync.

In these workshops, we explore basic underlying rhythmic structures, including archetypal clave and bell patterns, polyrhythms, and different time signatures.  As participants build their kinesthetic sense and cognitive understanding, they'll understand the songs you're working on at a deeper level.

Night circle RDI

Traveling Workshops for
Drumming Groups

New ways to embrace Rhythm

For Drum Circle Groups

Drum Circle Consciousness
What Makes the Grooves Great

For Bass Drum Lovers

Beyond the Pulse
Melody & Magic on the Bass Drum

For Classes &
Performing Groups

Structure & Freedom
Rhythm from the Inside Out

Interested?  Tell me about your group and the possibilities!

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